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Human Performance Modes

Skills-Based: Actions that have been executed repetitively with less than 7 steps in familiar situations. (Lower cause of events.)

Rules-Based: Actions performed by existing procedures, instructions or checklist. (Moderate cause of events.)

Knowledge-Based: Actions performed in unfamiliar situations and having to use an instinctual thought process.  (Higher cause of events.)

Performance Goals are used to bring a task to the following key points:

  • 1 task, 1 person, 1 moment

  • Skill-Based or Rules Based

Human Performance Excellence

At Point On Wave, Human Performance Excellence plays a key role in our success.  Understanding that humans are fallible at all levels and the importance of system reliability, having an actively engaged workforce with a focus on Human Performance Excellence is key to Zero Events.

Training and tools

During onboarding, each employee is trained on all available HP tools.  We also recognize the use of good HP tools during our ALL HANDS meetings by selecting a “Tool of the Month’ where we re-introduce its use and give proper examples of how it can be used in the field.

The value of Engagement

With our commitment to a Zero Event environment, having an actively engaged workforce in Human Performance (HP) leadership contributes to our efficiency, productivity, quality and cost control.  Our workforce is equipped with the training and tools to make the right decisions, share lessons learned when unexpected results occur and be leaders in an environment with opportunity and improvement.

The Culture

HP has no Hierarchy, we believe that to have Human Performance excellence we all need to be leaders to ensure the success of a Zero Event workplace.  As management, we encourage full participation in all aspect of the program where all ideas are championed no matter if you’re a new hire or a long time employee.

Continuous feedback and recognition

We empower our people and clients with continuous feedback and recognition.  This allows our programs to be continuously evaluated and improved.  It also identifies where we are doing well and how HP tools can be used in multiple different ways.

Program Zero Events

Program Zero was developed to focus on the “Good Catches” and “Near Misses” that took place to maintain a Zero Event Workplace.  During our ALL HANDS meeting we recognize the use of HP tools, report on the Good Catches and Near Misses for the past month.  We also encouraged everyone to use the Continuous Feedback and Recognition Mailbox to share all things HP.

Be the solution.
Whatever the challenge, whatever the problem, we strive to use solution-based thinking and approaches.
We do it right.
We do it well and we do it right the first time. That consistency and routine sets the tone for how we manage our approach to each task.